High-pressure Cleaning

Carefully cleaning and restoring all exterior pavement and surfaces

WindowPro high-pressure water cleaning services are ready to clean all building surfaces, driveways, pathways, boundary walls and edges, restoring their original clean condition, significantly improving the lifespan, look and appearance of your property.

WindowPro high-pressure water cleaning services efficiently and safely removes all dirt, grime, mould, algae, bird-droppings and cobweb build-up from surfaces, quickly, carefully and without mess, restoring the original brand-new clean, helping improve the safety and lifespan of surfaces, and eliminate potential damage to surface by dirt and mould build up.

As our team are experts in the use of pressure washing equipment and we only use industrial strength machinery ensuring a proper clean in the most efficient manner.

Surfaces cleaned:

Brick and paved driveways, tiled surfaces, block paving, paving slabs, crazy paving, pathways, patios, walls, concrete flooring, wood surfaces, eaves, awnings, garage doors, gutters, pergolas, balustrades.

Professional care, attention to detail and quality results!

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